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We Are A Campus Specific College Platform Designed To Build Stronger College Communities!!

Good Grades Made Easy

Dean's List Tutoring is a Campus Specific Peer to Peer Tutoring Service!

Building A Better Connected Campus

Connect With Your Community & Buy, Sell, Barter Or Provide Services For Your Mates.

Connect, Collaborate & Accelerate!
The CC Qube Is An Incubator That Provides Peer To Peer Collaboration & Mentoring Opportunities!

Our Mission

Connected Communities

We are building a campus specific private social network to create a better connected community and improve student engagement on campus.

Better Grades

We are redefining college tutoring by creating a school specifc and course specific tutoring service that connects students with fellow star students at their university.

Social Entrepreneurship

We are creating opportunities for students to define their own economy by providing a platform that enables them to buy, sell, barter and provide services for one another.

Boosting Innovation

We mentor college entrepreneurs, provide a platform for them to build and showcase their product and help accelerate their growth from idea stage to implemention and expansion.

Our mission is to empower, mentor and nurture
college students through innovative technology and Social Engineering! We believe we can better prepare students for the real world by building a more engaging and connected campus community.

Our Platform

We ensure that every college student has access to the best of everything their college has to offerTHROUGH TECHNOLOGY AND MENTORSHIP.

Deans List Tutoring is the uber of college tutoring. It is designed to enable students to easily find and schedule appointments with course specific tutors on campus. These tutors are fellow students of the same college whom have already aced the course.
Quintana is your college specific marketplace. Tired of calling mum and dad every time you need money? Donít stress the old lads anymore. Be your own boss. Set up a profile on Quintana and make money providing services for your fellow students or selling things you own and nolonger need.
Envy is your personal campus plug. Need a way to connect with fellow students and find out whatís happening on and around campus? Envy has all the answers! Post messages to your college wall about campus events & find the latest information on discounted social events going on in and around your college campus.


The Campus Concierge Qube is an incubator designed to mentor and empower young college entrepreneurs. We provide an environment for students to connect and collaborate on that next big idea. We invite successful young entrepreneurs to mentor students and also set up demo days for students to pitch to local angel investors. Interested in applying to the Qube? Simply send us an email at info@mycampusconcierge.com


Interested in Exceptional Tutoring??

Download or visit deanslisttutoring.com


We are a team of engineers, students and successful entrepreneurs
passionate about building better connected and empowered college communities!

Our goal is to develop a platform that enables students to create their own economy and build their own campus community through social engineering.


Abhay Sarode

Abhay is our Strategy Director at My Campus Concierge. He is a management and operations genius with over 20 years of experience in building and deploying world class software solutions for several fortune 500 companies across the globe.


Kenneth Akpati

Ken is the Founder and CEO of My Campus Concierge. He is a serial entrepreneur with a deep passion for solving problems and helping people. Kenneth has broad experience in all phases of software and product development lifecycles.


Zach Nunn

Zach is The Director of The Campus Ambassador Program. He is a Learning and Development guru with extensive experience in building leadership and learning programs for some of the world's most powerful companies.

The Campus Ambassador Program

Building The Next Group Of College Leaders & Entrepreneurs!

The Campus Ambassador Program is tailored to identify high performing leaders on Campus who will take on the role of the chief executive officer of my campus concierge at their respective colleges. The program grooms the identified executive on entrepreneurship and helps him/her to build a team of ambassadors to help market and grow our business on campus.

The Campus Executive is responsible for driving the overall campus concierge business at their particular university.

The quality of our campus ambassadors is guided by these 5 PILLARS OF THE CAP.

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